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Dear Bev,

Please forward the following to academic and graduate student members of the Department.


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Subject:	FW: Call for papers - WUSC conference on Youth Action and Civic Engagement
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Department Heads
I am forwarding this message in case you have some students who are
working on projects that may fit the guidelines for the WUSC
conference to be held in November.

Merv Pritchard


Subject: Call for papers - WUSC conference on Youth Action and Civic

May 6, 2008

Dear colleagues:

Please find attached the call for papers for the WUSC National
Research Forum 2008.

Date and location:
Ottawa, Saturday, November 8, 2008

WUSC Annual Assembly, including post-secondary students, local
committee members, WUSC Southern partners, WUSC alumni, WUSC
institutional members, faculty and individuals active in international

This year's theme is Youth Action and Civic Engagement.

Preference will be given to presentations that focus on WUSC countries
or projects that will inspire and motivate individuals to share
knowledge and take action.

Countries of focus:
Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Ghana, Guinea, Mali,
Malawi, Niger, Senegal, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the
Balkans, Haiti, Canada

Deadline for proposals: June 16, 2008

Further information:
Sonia Fournier, Program Assistant,
Curriculum & Research / SWB
E-mail: devcase@wusc.ca

Please circulate this call for papers among your colleagues who might
be interested in the opportunity.


Cameron Zywina
Office of International Relations
Tel. 474-6418
E-mail: zywinac@ms.umanitoba.ca

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