This message is being sent on behalf of *Pam Trupish:*

Hi All: Please see below a recent announcement from the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration regarding changes to the Postgraduate Work Permit process. In summary, the changes include:

1. extension from a 2 year permit period to a *3 year.*
2. graduating students are *not required to present a job offer* at the point of application.
3. students will be provided with an *“open work permit” *and no longer restricted to work within their field of study.
4. students already holding a postgraduate work permit under the previous rules are *eligible to reapply for an extension.*
5. the *removal of the Montreal,* *Toronto, and Vancouver* as employment restriction areas.

Please _share this important notice_ with members of your faculty. International students will be advised of these changes through the ICS and their faculty academic advisors. If you or a member of your faculty have any questions, please contact me.

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