It sounds like the practice evening went well and has resulted in some modifications that should improve the experience for the Grade 8 students.  Thanks to everyone for setting up and for those who tested out the activities and provided feedback.

Just to ensure that we are all caught up on the changed format, here are the details.  We will have all of the Grade 8 students on both Oct 15 and 22.  The latest information I have is that there will be 36 students in total and they should arrive around 5:00 p.m.  We will arrange to have them all come upstairs to Room 318.

We decided to run 3 of our activities on Oct 15 and the other 3 on Oct 22.
Oct 15 - Nutrients in Soil (Room 346), pH/Conductivity (Room 318), Soil Ecology (Room 333)
Oct 22 - Physical Properties (Room 318), Technology and Soil (Room 346), Soil and Water (shed)

We will split the Grade 8 students into 3 groups on both evenings.  They will cycle through the 3 activities on each evening over three 40-minute time slots.  5:15 to 5:55, 6:00 - 6:40, 6:45 to 7:25.

The changed format means that there will be more students in each group and they will be spending more time at each activity.  Therefore, it would be helpful for grad students with activities on Oct 22 to help out those on Oct 15 and vice versa.

If there are any concerns or unresolved issues, let me know right away.  Otherwise, I look forward to next Thursday.

Thanks for all of your creativity and work!

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