From: <> On Behalf Of Agriculture Awards Program
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 2:49 PM
Subject: Awards currently open for competition with deadlines on September 20th and October 1st, 2019.


Hello all,


This email is to inform you that there are several awards currently open for competition with deadlines on September 20th and October 1st, 2019.


How to Apply:

All of the application forms and eligibility criteria can be found on the UM Learn site. To access the awards page, log into University of Manitoba UM Learn, using your username and password, and then select Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards from your list of courses. Awards currently open for competition can be found under the path Assessments/Assignments where you can see the deadlines and access the application forms for each of them. I will be uploading/changing/deleting files into the UM Learn site on a regular basis so you might consider changing your notification settings if you subscribed for email notifications. Otherwise, every time that I upload a file, you will receive an email notification. You can change your settings here Change Notification Settings


How to determine if you are eligible to apply:

Each of the awards have different eligibility criteria, so you are encouraged to read about each award to see if you qualify. Terms of reference are available on the Faculty Awards Database page All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply through UM Learn! The Faculty Awards Committee will meet at the end of October to select winners for each award. If you have been recommended by the Committee, you will be notified by Financial Aid and Awards (FAA) directly. If you have any questions related to money disbursement you can contact FAA at


***NOTE: please remember you have to be enrolled full-time to qualify for Scholarships and Fellowships.


Please feel free to contact Marisol at  if you have any questions about the awards or the application process. Any suggestions to improve the site are more than welcome! We want to make this site a better and easier tool for you to apply for awards.


Kind regards,



Marisol Soto, M.A.

Student Awards Coordinator

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Room 160, 66 Dafoe Road - University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB   R3T 2N2

T: 204.474-1688

Office hours: Monday to Friday from noon to 3:30 pm

We only accept awards applications through UM Learn

Questions related to money disbursement should be sent directly to Financial Aid and Awards office at