[Epidata-list] Re: How to tell which field made a relate ?

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Sat Oct 18 03:36:31 CDT 2003

Piotr's followup:

>But I don't realised that I can't open the related file twice.
>When I open file with first command "relate", the same file couldn't  be 
>opened in the next part of form.
>Am I right?

You have to experiment a bit. Actually I am not sure, what I scheduled was
a principle. If one cannot have the same relate more than once, just save
the fieldname after entry and perform relate in a third field:

v1 set variable to "v1" and jump to v30
v2 set variable to "v2" and jump to v30
v3 ,,,,,....... etc

v30 perform relate here 

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