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Thu May 27 15:49:05 CDT 2004

I had no problem saving data using your .rec file. I entered 2 records no
problem. I didn't try to fill in all of the fields with numbers/text, but
entered a few random values. This isn't the way I would set up data entry,
as you seem to have many sets of data for one individual and each set is
actually quite small. Normallly, I would set up a relational database, or
repeat the ID on each record and add visit# as a field; and only enter
those small sets of data that are populated, but your approach should work.
If all of the fields have actual data, then your approach is fine. You
should test it out with a small amount of data

So the problem lies with your particular installation of EpiData or of the
actual .rec file.

Are you running version 3.02 of EpiData? (the one that is available for
Is the .rec file in a location where you have write privileges? Is the
file/disk write-protected?

Jamie Hockin, MD, MSc
Centre for Surveillance Coordination
Population and Public Health Branch, Health Canada
----Susan said----
What do we do? We entered a first observation into a form we created. Took
us about 40 minutes as it is rather long. Trying to save we got a response
that the program could not write the data.
Any help? <<DiarySession4.1Qx.rec>>

Susan Verde
Program Assistant
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

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