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Mon Jun 7 03:24:08 CDT 2004

Hi Suzanna,

In which field have you typed the command??
If you want the color to be applied to all the form, you should place the 
command into a before file / end block of commands.


before file
   color background silver
   color question aqua
   color data black

   < different checks here >


It should work....

Good luck !


A 17:34 07/06/2004 +1000, vous avez écrit :
>I am setting up a database with 2 data entry forms.  I would like the 2 
>forms to be different colors.  I have tried typing:
>in the check file - this is the syntax in Help - but I get the error 
>message "Unknown command".  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and if 
>it's possible to have forms of different colors?
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