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Thu Jul 15 09:41:54 CDT 2004


I'm having a problem defining text-fields having maximum width of 80
positions. What I do is the following:

1) start EPIDATA
2) click on "Define Data" and then on "New .QES file"
3) type a single line of 80 underscores _
4) push Ctrl-T to preview the Data Form

and then there appears a single text-field on the new data form, having a
width of 80 as intended, but of only the first 56 positions are visible.
Once these 56 are all filled in with some arbitrary text, typing the 57th
character etc. results in scrolling to the left of the already entered
text-string. So, the field is indeed 80  positions wide but only 56 of these
are visible at a time. What can be wrong here? Thanks for any help!

Ben Pelzer
University Nijmegen

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