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I haven't tried this myself, but I'm told that if you install Xandros
Linux or Lycoris Linux you should be able to run EpiData.  

Xandros is a W2K look alike and Lycoris is an XP look alike. So, you can
install which ever you are familiar with.

Tony Stewart

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I'm sure this has been asked before, and on the website all I can find
is "tests on linux ongoing using wine emulator".  Any further details? 
A mini-howto on how to give it a try, problems, plans, whatever?

I've also not found much on "epi6 (enter as in enter.exe) on Linux". 
Some people have tried it with dosemu and possibly dosbox but, again, I
haven't been able to find information on how to do it.  (I've tried it
myself with some problems with the cursor and how the epi604es.exe
uncompresses itself onto c:\, not creating \epi6 or \netss.)

I don't know what finally happened to the idea of CDC releasing (as
public domain or free-software of whatever flavour) whatever portions
of Enter.exe they can release.  I think there was a problem with some
un-releasable libraries or something like it.  Is that the same case
with EpiData?

In time, what I'd really like to see is something as good (simple to
use, flexible, and powerful) as EpiData on Linux.  I don't know how far
we are from that, if help could be looked for or organised somehow, or

I have written an epi6.py so as to READ, SELECT, FREQ, TABLES (2
dimensions), SUMFREQ and SUMTABLES (well, sort of) from a Python
script.  Of course some knowledgable experts will do it using R, but
I'd like my scripts to be as cross-platform as Python itself.  I
haven't made it public (for lack of expertise on how to do such a
thing) but it's available for anyone who wants it.

I've looked into other tools for creating questionnaires, and there's
this OIO project using Zope, but that's overkill for small outbreaks
and simple (as in simple data) research.

Epi6 and EpiData are simple excelent tools in my opinion.  Thing is, I
don't like to be dependant on any one operating system if I can avoid

Thanks for the great program.  I know one shouldn't ask for more unless
one is ready to offer one's own effort.


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