[EpiData-list] Analysis module ready for testing.

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Wed Oct 13 10:40:53 CDT 2004

Following a lot of effort by several persons including

JM. Lauritsen: Coordinator. Design, implementation, documentation, 
Salah Mahmud  Design, Programming and Implementation of data management, 
commands and functions (2002-2003)
Further contributions
Programming from 2004: M.Bruus, F.Boelsmand, T.Christiansen, S Kreiner
Further Specification, Assistance and/or pre-testing: V.Høgli,J.Hockin,HL 
Rieder,P Arias Bohigas,
JC Fernández Merino,C. Green,G. Daurat,M Myatt,T Stewart and others

And funding from those mentioned on the funding page 

It is now possible to have an open testing round of the EpiData Analysis 

The first release (v1.0) is expected within a few weeks if few problems 
show up, and few months if severe problems show up in the testing.

The programme is available from the test page 

Please assist in testing.

Jens M. Lauritsen, Consultant,MD. PhD.
The EpiData Association,                   (EpiData Foreningen)
Enghavevej 34, DK5230 Odense M. Denmark
e-mail: info at epidata.dk
For E-mail news on EpiData: Http://www.epidata.dk/php/maillist.php
EpiData is freeware 

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