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Wed Nov 3 14:05:51 CST 2004

>Question: when you export data from EpiData, can you export "notes" as well?

The "notes" file is plain text, so there is no need to export it. You can 
open that type of file in any textprocessor, such as notepad, word, 
openoffice etc.

To have your notes on using EpiData placed on the EpiData web server either 
a. A link to where you publish yourself on your own web server
b. A copy to me (info at epidata.dk)

Often the problem is not to make a note first time, but to keep it updated 
the whole time. So if you have acces to a web page at your institution 
option a is easiest for you since you can post updates without  having to 
send a new copy to me.

regards Jens Lauritsen

Jens M. Lauritsen, Consultant,MD. PhD.
The EpiData Association,                   (EpiData Foreningen)
e-mail: info at epidata.dk

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