[EpiData-list] EpiData guideline - released for testing

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Fri Nov 26 12:16:27 CST 2004

Dear Ziad:

Thank you for your work.  If I may, I would very much like to have a copy of
it for testing.

Best regards,

Hans Rieder

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The file is done now and I am sending it to test it.
If someone is interested to have a copy, please write me back with your
email address so I can email it to you (it is around 5.5Mb size) in PDF

It is free for distribution as well!

And anyone is welcome to write back with questions and/or suggestions!

Note: I have intention to go further in guidelines development in case there
is interest and fund (maybe?) to keep the work on?

Best regards!

Karolinska Institute
Stockholm - Sweden

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