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Mon Nov 29 01:59:45 CST 2004

If there is a problem in this respect, please
send a copy of that Stata file to
info at and 

Just include a few cases, e.g. 5
That is in Stata:
use xxxxx
keep in 1/5
save epidataexport

And then send the epidataexport.dta file as an attachment to me. All
defined labels in Stata that I have tested are appropriately used in
EpiData and vica versa. 

The only problem I have recently encountered was that EpiC renamed the
names of the labels to epd1 epd2 etc, such that when exporting several
files from epidata to stata format and doing a merge in stata there were
problems with the labels. That error will be fixed in epic.

regards Jens Lauritsen
info at
Initiator and Coordinator for EpiData 

>>> <epidata-list at> 29-11-04 8:32 >>>
dear Epidata

when importing a STATA file into Epidata the value labels are
into the check file but the values are not set as legal values, so even
you enter what F9 suggests you should, epidata keeps saying illegal
So this is a problem when a STATA file with value labels is imported.
to fix (just put in  legal value sin the check file)but not if you have
file with many variables. Any advice?

Paul Rheeder

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