[EpiData-list] Labels in stata after export from epidata

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Tue Dec 7 00:52:10 CST 2004

Correct. Thanks! However, in order for the value label to work properly in 
Stata, it seems that the value label must be written in ascending order, i.e.
   0 No_Adjuv
   1 Adjuv
not the other way around.

Halvor Sommerfelt
At 00:28 07.12.2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Most likely the problem is a Stata matter of how labels are shown in the
>data browser
>Try in stata:
>use xxxxxxxx (your file)
>* check the formats
>* set format for the variable with problems :
>format  %9.0g x    (assume name is x)
>Works here for me. If the display format is too narrow for a given
>variable, then the label is not showing correctly in browse, but does show
>correctly at :
>label list
>of that variable.
>If you still have problems send the rec+chk file as an attachment to
>info at epidata.dk or indicate adress for download.
>Jens Lauritsen
>Coordinator and initiator of EpiData Project
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