[EpiData-list] MISSINGVALUE / JUMPS RESET commands

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Wed Dec 8 13:41:22 CST 2004


I've really enjoyed using EpiData, and I have to say that the application I 
am creating will be a HUGE improvement over what our data collectors had 
been using.  They're excited to start using EpiData.

I am having problems using some check file commands, however.  When I use 
the command "Jumps Reset 99", this code mysteriously disappears from my 
.chk file without warning after I save and exit.  If I use "Jumps Reset 9", 
it stays.  I need to use 99, though, because 9 is a valid code for some of 
my variables.

I am also having trouble using the Missingvalue command.  When I type in 
"MISSINGVALUE 98" in a field, this code will also mysteriously disappear 
from my .chk file, though not always immediately, like "Jumps Reset 99" 
does.  I have tried using the missingvalue command in the before file 
block, but I've had no luck with this.

I am wondering if the size of my .chk file has anything to do with these 
problems.  I saw in the help file that there is a limit of 64Kb if you work 
in the editor, but I use the add / revise checks feature so I'm not sure if 
this affects me.  My .chk file is 90Kb, and over 4200 lines long.  If I 
can't use Jumps Reset 99, this will increase the size of my .chk file even 
further.  Besides the above problems, everything is working OK.

Any advice that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Katie Thornton
Institute for Research on Poverty 

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