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Sun Dec 12 07:48:25 CST 2004

The command "jumps reset value", e.g.

     55 ENDNOTE1

will do:
after entry in field q14 EpiData will check "Is q14 = 55" if so then jump 
to field endnote1,

but before "landing in endnote1" : RESET all numerical variables from Q14 
to ENDNOTE1 to  missing ("." or  "").
and furthermore : RESET 9 : fill all variables from q14 to ENDNOTE1 with as 
many 9's as the width of each field.
      That is if you have a field of width 2 the value will be 99, a field 
of length 10 will be filled with all 9's.

So you cannot do: jumps reset 99. Only one digit is allowed, but the 
variables passed with the jump will get 99 if these fields are of width 2.

Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator of EpiData

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