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Thank you very much for your help.  From reading the help file, I didn't 
realize that "JUMPS RESET 9" would actually fill in each variable with the 
full length.  That actually works better for me.  Is there anyway that I 
can reset only my numeric values to 9?  I would  prefer to keep my char 
variables clear when they're skipped.  I tried writing:

IF (Q14=55) THEN
    CLEAR Q15B
    CLEAR Q16B

I thought this might overwrite the "JUMPS RESET" for those variables, but 
it didn't work that way.  Is there any other way to do this, aside from 
writing a bit of code (Q15A=99, CLEAR Q15B, etc...) for each variable 
between Q14 and ENDNOTE1?

Also, regarding the message "Definition of values (comment legal, 
missingvalue, range ...)":

In my program, I have code like in your example:

    missingvalue 99
    comment legal use label_q01
     after entry
         if  (v1 <> 8) and (v1 <> 14) and (v1 <> 21) and (v1 <> 99) then
              help "Wrong value entered"
              goto v1

The reason I did this is because I wanted the users to be able to override 
the legal values if they felt it was necessary to type in something other 
than 8, 14, 21, or 99 -- sometimes valid codes are added to our 
variables.  Yet I wanted the users to still get a warning if they didn't 
use one of the legal values.  I also had to add "range -9 99" in order for 
this to work with "comment legal use".  As far as I understand, users 
cannot override legal values or range values.  Please correct me if I am 
wrong.  As a result, I stay away from using legal and range in my EpiData 
programs, unless I want to have value labels.  While the after entry block 
above is seemingly unnecessary, it at least allows the user to click in the 
next appropriate field with their mouse and force the program to accept the 

Thank you,

Katie Thornton
Institute for Research on Poverty 

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