[EpiData-list] Troubleshooting data file error message

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Mon Dec 20 02:40:32 CST 2004

The first thing to do when getting messages such as
"Error in the data file <filename>"

Would be to check if the latest backup copy you made gives the same
answer (I assume everyone are taking regular backups).

If you have no backup copy of the file in question and you have
exported the data to SAS, just make SAS save the file as a delimited
file and get it back via the qes file, which you have hopefully a copy

An error often occurring is that users are saving other filetypes on
top of data due to Windows NOT showing complete file name, but excluding
extensions. Therefore one can by mistake think that there "save as .not
file "  (e.g. yourfile.not), but it was actually a .rec file  (e.g.
To exclude that possibility set up your windows to always show
extensions for all types, also known files. Ask someone if you do not
know how to- it is an option in explorer for folders.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData initiator and coordinator. 

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