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*	EpiData is a single user program. Workaround: Enter data on one PC and distribute copies for reading of data to other PC's. 
*	Number of Records in a file (currently around 200.000). 
*	All fields must fit within 999 lines of text. 
	- but: You can combine files which each has that many lines (RELATE function

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	Hello again!
	I sent past message related to "field definition error in line 640" message.
	I tried to retype the QES form. So each five questions, I switched the
	QES file into REC file and did "checks" for it.  I kept doing the same
	procedure, and I passed the line 640.
	Later on, the message showed up again, and please note here that I was
	at line 1007, which means EpiData read line 640 already before and there
	was no problem.
	What happened now? Help!!
	Thank you and best regards
	Ziad El-Khatib
	Clinical Cancer Epidemiology
	Z5:01, Karolinska Institutet
	17 176 Stockholm
	Telephone: +46-8-517 72 946
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	Mobile: +46-73-776 48 59
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