[EpiData-list] Line 640, error message

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Sat Jan 1 03:45:04 CST 2005

Thank you for the reply!
Here is the answer in your text below:

We should know more about the contents of the qes file to answer, e.g.:
1. How many lines in total
--> So far it is 1616 lines.

2. How many fields are you planning
--> the questionnaire is made of different categories. It is between 70-80 fields.

3. Are you using the "first word" or automatic options for creation of fields.
--> First word.

4. which build and version of EpiData
--> Version 3.02

5. Have you tried also with the v3.1 release candidate ?
--> Unfortunately no.

6. Does preview of the same file work
--> Yes! all the time with no problem at all!

>>If you have as many fields as you indicate the error is either because you 
have more than 1000 lines in the qes file (which v3.1. will issue a warning 
for) or the automatic numbering of fields with similar names ran out of 
possible combinations.

--> Does not EpiData take more than 1000 lines or?

Happy 2005!

>         I sent past message related to "field definition error in line 
> 640" message.
>         I tried to retype the QES form. So each five questions, I 
> switched the
>         QES file into REC file and did "checks" for it.  I kept doing the 
> same
>         procedure, and I passed the line 640.

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