[EpiData-list] Tables in analysis and output direction

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Thu Jan 6 14:24:00 CST 2005

Regarding printing:
The epi6 mode of routing to screen, printer etc. is not possible with 
windows, but we could consider a printing command, e.g.:

print file.txt
which would direct that file to printer. The user could then first make a 
log file (logopen) and then afterwards send that file to the printer

I think we could also make a possibility to print the output window as such.

Concering the sort order of tables:
TABLES AGE SEX   (age sex are numeric) resulted in AGE listed as
>  1
>Etc. To
>  2

Obviously this should be adapted such that there is by default a 
chronological sort of a numerical field and by values of a field with 
comment legal.

User control of sort order is already on the wish list.

I suggest members of the list add name and country when adding information 
to the list.  But do not add e-mail since all mails are available when 
searching on internet, so SPAM systems could catch the mail adresses. 
Notice also that  return fields of mails are not included in the mail list 
so the list does not show any e-mail adresses

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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