[EpiData-list] EpiData and memory

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Wed Jan 12 12:51:45 CST 2005


How much RAM is required to run EpiData 3.02?  One of my coworkers has had 
problems with her laptop computer freezing after coding 5-6 records.  She 
has Windows 95 and 64MB of RAM.  The CHK file that she is using is rather 
large -- it is 113 KB and 5322 lines long.  The REC file is 85 KB.  I have 
tried coding into the same REC file on a computer with 512MB of RAM.  I had 
no problems after coding 15 records.  Could my coworker be having a problem 
with RAM, or could there be a problem with the length of the CHK file?  Any 
guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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