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How much RAM is required to run EpiData 3.02?  

Very little RAM should be needed, but clearly it would depend on the
complexity of your system. 

What I would do in such a situation is: 
a. Try on a different computer with same technical capability (ram,
processor etc).
b. Try with the samples accompanying EpiData (in samples folder). Run
them all and if some do not work
c. Try on more advanced computer
d. After opening the rec file for data entry press F2 twice and see if
the small "status window" comes up.

If b and c works and a does not. Some aspect of that particular
computer could be a problem. I have seen an instance in which calling
external programs (e.g. execute epic ......) caused some "older" pc's to
break down. With v3.1 the addition of the backup command remedies the
need to call epic for more complicated backup including encryption of
the backup copy.

We will consider to extend the F2-F2 window with a memory status. 

regards Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator of EpiData

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