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Wed Feb 9 10:46:07 CST 2005


we´ve just started using Epidata and we´re really happy with it, but we also
do have a big problem with the MISSINGVALUE command, which we´re not able to
solve. It has already been mentioned in the archive in December, but the
answer to it didn´t really help us.

We´re trying to use different missing values for different variables (e.g. 9
8 and 99 88 and 999 888) in one file. But the checkfile commands keep on
disappearing, sometimes immediately, sometimes they work for some time and
disappear later. Sometimes they´re there in the checkfile, but do not work,
when we try to enter data.

I´ve already tried to partition my file and use the RELATE function, to make
sure the checkfile is not too long (they´re far less then 1000 lines now),
but the problem persists. The problem also occurs working with version 3.1
as well as with 3.02.

Would be great, if somebody could help us. Thank you in advance!

Evelyn Müller
Uniklinik Freiburg, Germany

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