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>we ve just started using Epidata and we re really happy with it,
but we also
>do have a big problem with the MISSINGVALUE command, which we re not
able to solve. 

MISSINGVALUE is a new concept in Epi Info "language". The idea is to
define a certain value for indication of "unknown" or "irrelevant". When
exporting the data for analysis the values defined as such will be
marked as such when exporting to proper data analysis programs, such as
Stata, SPSS and SAS. Also when we have the full EpiData Analysis running
this will make use of the MISSING VALUE definitions.

In the help file for EpiData 3.1 you can read:
(in before file block):
MISSING VALUE V1-V4, V10, V20 9 8 7 

(in the field block):

The syntax there in the help file is misleading since the command is
MISSINGVALUE not "MISSING VALUE", so we will adapt the help file as soon
as possible.

So the problem is that we have managed to write the help file in a
misleading way - this will happen every so often 
- clarifications or questions to the list is the way to proceed


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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