[EpiData-list] New build of EpiData (fixes problem with files of special length)

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Tue Feb 22 07:53:09 CST 2005

A bug was reported last week which meant that for  one particular file 
the "marked for deletion" status in the Data Entry Form was not shown 
correctly for that file, but correctly for all others.

The bug has been located and was due to a special circumstance rarely 
happening (length of length of records was to be a multiplum of 78).

So if you have not had this problem there is no need to download the 
latest build.

There is a problem though with "not up to date" versions and builds on 
several servers around the world. This is not favourable, since the 
latest builds fix things that could be wrong in old versions. If any 
users know of downloads from other servers than www.epidata.dk please 
notify info at epidata.dk

There is a solution for all of this servers to make sure the users gets 
the latest builds - even though supplied from other servers than 

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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