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Mon Feb 28 21:22:02 CST 2005


I am using epidata 3.1 for data entry in a CMB project. Followings are some 

1. Is it possible to make the numbers right alignment in the field box 
after entry.

2. In our dataset, the width of some numeric fields is 2. When "08" is 
entered, "8"  is saved. But in the double entry verification, if "08" is 
entered again, the dialog box will told you "non matching value,the 
original value is 8, new value is 08"  .How to solve this problem?

3. Our check file is about 138kb, question file 56kb, and about 20,000 
records is expected to be entered. Is the check file too large? And will it 
meet some difficulties when entering so many records? 

Thank you very much

Best regards,

Yali Zhang

Department of Clinical Epidemiology
Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital
Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center
Beijing 10096  P.R.C
Fax: 86-10-82951150
E-mail:zhang_bsrpc at hotmail.com

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