[EpiData-list] several questions need your help.

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Tue Mar 1 02:06:49 CST 2005

A few comments based on mail from Yali Zhang

<1. Is it possible to make the numbers right alignment in the field box

after entry.
No. A numerical field is by default left aligned. 
The problem is that the algoritms to calculate the length of the
characters are not precise. So we have had to make the field a bit wider
than the actual length of the characters. In the early versions of
EpiData (v1.) sometimes for some users part of the numbers were hidden.

>2. ... the double entry verification, if "08" is entered again
....."non matching value,the 
original value is 8, new value is 08"  .How to solve this problem?

Obviously for a numerical field "08" should be compared without the
leading 0. Until we fix that just enter 8 without the leading 0. To get
to next field hit return button.
This will be fixed in the next build of EpiData.

3. Is the check file too large? And will it meet some difficulties when
entering so many records? 

No - but for double entry make sure each observation has a unique key
or id number for comparison.  
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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