[EpiData-list] New analysis build (18) ready for testing

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Wed Mar 2 05:26:55 CST 2005

I have placed build 18 v0.9 of analysis on www.epidata.dk/testing.php
earlier today.

Many things have been changed since build 17. (Complete list on:

Among these handling of 
OR and RR in tables. 2x2 tables are now "inverted" to make disease and
exposed top left corner. 
Percentages are in different cells in tables than the numbers. Thereby
allowing to add e.g. () around percentages
APPEND command to read more than one file into memory. 

In particular it is important to secure that 
a- the tables produced by stratification are correct
b- estimates based on stratified tables are correct. 
c- tables are formed correctly (counts and percentages) with and
without option specifications.
An example of set is:
set table percents="P1()" 
*will make output like this:
tab kmgrp decgrp
KMGRP	2.5-3.4	%	3.5-3.7	%	Total	%
0- 25 km	120	(15.3)	156	(18.9)	596	(18.7)
set table percents="P1[ %]"
set table percents header="[Pct %]"
*will for the same command give:
tab kmgrp decgrp
KMGRP	2.5-3.4	[Pct %]	3.5-3.7	[Pct %]	Total	[Pct %]
0- 25 km	120	[15.29 %]	156	[18.9
%]	596	[18.66 %]
set table or=off
set table rr=off
controls whether odds ratios and rate ratios are shown or not. To show
change off to on.
The testsuite used for validation is not fully completed. You can see
how much was tested by running the command 
runtest validate           
which will run all pgm files in the subfolder validate and make a
report at the end. 

regards jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association, Odense Denmark.

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