[EpiData-list] Re: New analysis build (18) ready for testing (error reading date variables)

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Wed Mar 2 06:44:47 CST 2005

Robert wrote: "The last build does not work : cannot read rec file
OSWEGO for example Any idea ??"

This is a marvellous example of why end-users should participate in

It turns out that the version of OSWEGO.REC I am testing on has been
updated with EpiData. When I do so all date fields are changed to full
length dates including year. So I did not see the error. I can see now
that with the original OSWEGO.REC I get the same error as indicated by

Lesson learned: Make sure that testing includes types of error that you
do not want to happen. 

In practice. We will from now on include a test of how analysis treats
files with all the variable formats of Epi6. Even the ones we
"abandoned", such as 2 digit year or dates without year. Rules from
EpiData for these types of dates will be included in next build.
(Extending to 4 digit years and adding current year to fields without


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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