[EpiData-list] [Fwd: Short dates and menus in HTML]

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Wed Mar 2 21:27:28 CST 2005

This is good, Jens. Epi6 was so forgiving because it treated any unknown 
field as a string - a nice backwards compatibility feature as it turns 
out. Unfortunately, this went along with Epi6 producing invalid files 
from time to time.

A good strategy for menus to do different analyses might be to create 
some .pgm files and simplify the HTML coding to just launch the 
appropriate .pgm. This would provide better documentation of complicated 
Once you get used to the syntax, HTML menus need not be any more 
complicated than EPI6 .mnu files.

Outside of Analysis and with the right javascript tools & code fragments 
a lot is possible.

Jamie Hockin

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