[EpiData-list] Initial test of Analysis build 18 - TABLES

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Fri Mar 4 04:50:47 CST 2005

As I noticed the table was not implemented correctly in build 18, but
should be correct (for the data I tested) in build 19.
Build 19 was made available early today/late last night depending on
where you live. 

The intention was to always have as pointed out by Jamie Hockin:
TABLES outcomevar exposurevar  stratifyvar1 stratifyvar2 stratifyvar3 

Please review the adapted commands and functions list. 
You can search on (ctrl+f) "table epi" and in options for search mark
out "helpfie" and the file will open in the output window.
(the file has a formatting error now - but contents are there) 

set table labels=on[off]                  (Use comment legal "value
labels" as text descriptors in tables)
set table values=on[off]                (show category values in

set table epi=on[off]    (With on: tables are inverted (highest values
in top left corner)

set table percents=on[off]
set table percents format="P1()"[off]
    (Content percents coloumn) 1: decimals () before after. e.g. "P2

set table percents header="%" (Contents of column header for percents)
set table RR=on[off] show Risk Ratio in 2x2 tables
set table OR=on[off] show Odds Ratios in 2x2 tables

to control statistics output:
set table statistics="OR RR EXACT CHI"
eliminate the ones you do not want. e.g. set table statistics="CHI"


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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