[EpiData-list] "find records" not working properly

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"I'm a new user of EpiData, and have a question regarding "finding
When I try to find a certain case using a "Find Records" command, I 
sometimes get an error message saying "searching string(s) not found,"
though the record I'm looking for is in the file. "

A good strategy would be:
a  enter a number you are sure to remember, e.g. 9999 in a new record.
b Move to record 1 (goto menu)
c. start search and make sure you have indicated that searching should
be done in that field.
d. after entering search criteria start the search
e. see if you stop at record 9999
  if not: there is an error in EpiData
  if you get to 9999 : Probably you forgot to indicate the correct
f. report to the list if it worked for you now.
g. delete the false record with 9999 (enter a true record in that
record or mark for deletion and pack-tools menu)


Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator and initiator of EpiData

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