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>I use EPIDATA software occasionally and everything works fine in Windows98 and  Windows 2000.
> But in Windows XP or XP-Pro when run as normal User (NOT Administrator) , EPIDATA refuses to open files (QES or REC) While  running as  ADMINISTRATOR,  everything works OK ! 

Setting up user rights in Windows XP can be very troublesome. It is not possible to give general advice for this, since there are very many local policies. In some places users have no rights at all, in other restricted access to one folder, ......

The EpiData programme as such does not read any of these rights and can be freely copied from one folder, memory stick or CD-rom or moved without "real installation", since the registry access is not part of the installation (unless you decide to associate file types with epidata). 

To work with rec and qes files the users need write access rights in that folder. So instruct the users to work on their default data folder - e.g. this could be "C:\documents and settings\mdi256\documents". But to share files btw. users you would need common rights to that folder. Also the file "epidata.ini" is saved after running epidata with current settings of screen, options etc. So the user needs write rigths for that or an error message box will appear at closing of EpiData.

So in general:
a. Let each user install epidata in their own data space  (it is only around 2-4Mb for the whole programme) and each user can work independently.
b Set up your pc such that each user have sufficient rights
Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator of EpiData
EpiData Association

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