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Wed Apr 6 14:57:20 CDT 2005

Kelly wrote yesterday that it would be relevant to create menu systems 
such as in Epi6.

One way to do this would be to create in EpIData Analysis a new html file.

Look at the info.htm supplied with the test version now available at 

As part of this page there are three links looking like this:

Examples of how the programme works:
Graph: "Bar chart" (Click) "Statistical Process Control Chart" (Click)
"Descriptive Means and descriptives" (Click)

If you load the info.htm file into the editor of EpiData Analysis (press 
Viewer on the process toolbar and "edit HTML output" then you will see 
that behind the three links are actual commands, e.g. the link behind 
"Bar Chart" Contains:
<A HREF='epi:CLS;close;set echo=off;define fn __________________________ 
glob;fn= "@sysdir"+"testdata";cd "@fn";read bromar;set warning=on;bar 
agegrp;cd; set command=off;echo Press F1 to view info again;set 
echo=on'>Bar chart</a> (Click)

So even this looks a bit complicated you can see that it is ordinary 
commands, such as
define fn ____________ global
read bromar
bar agegrp

So to build a menu system that does analysis you could either have in 
the link:
<a href=epi:'run myprogram.pgm'>do the analysis</a> or add the actual 
commands contained in the "myprogram.pgm" file separeted by semicolons.

Users are encouraged to experiment with this type of developments. 
Examples could then be placed on the examples page of epidata.dk
To facilitate such menu or analysis systems EpiData Analysis has been 
made such that almost all parts of the interface can be turned off, e.g. 
the main menu, toolbars or the command prompt.

Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator for EpiData
EpiData Association

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