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I am not sure whether this is partially of help.  EpiData Promoters have 
developed a mini-course on EpiData and EpiData Analysis for beginners up to 
intermediate level, based on our experience with this software in the 
operations research courses of The Union.  This is prepared on a CD-ROM, but 
to avoid shipping costs we have also placed it today on the web:



Hans L Rieder

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Greetings.  2 things.

1. I saw an example from Epidata which looked like this:
 c:\epidata\epidatastat myreport.pgm

I haven't tried this but, does this mean that epidatastat will execute
the .pgm???

I would lke to see all components of EpiData, analysis, editor etc. to
Able to for example:  EpiENTER <file.rec>, EpiEDITOR <*.pgm>, EpiSIS
<myreport.pgm> etc.

Why?  When developing systems using MENUs it seems to be better to
'hide' from the
General user the database, reports .pgm etc.  Selecting EpiData and then
option 4
Exposes databases etc. to perhaps a not so sophisticated user.

2. I work for the CDC/Global AIDS Program and I think I have managed
folks to
Investigate placing EpiData, analysis etc. into what we call a software
Tool kit.

I have been asked if I would conduct a 'brown bag' demonstration etc.  I
do not think
I have enough experience as yet to do the software justice, expecially
Analysis.  Is there someone out there who would like to discuss this
with me?

Thanks and stay safe, kelly

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