[EpiData-list] Check file line numbering

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Mon Apr 11 10:12:59 CDT 2005


1. I have a .CHK which has 473 lines
2. there are several include.txt files in the check code
3. when I want to do data entryI'm told there is a error in the .CHK
And do I want ot see 'them'..... I answer yes

4. the split screen appears with the .CHK on the left and the "offender"
Section on the right
5. the line numbers in the right screen have nothing to do with the line
Numbers on the left....as far as I can tell.
6. for example:  "unexpected end of COMMENT LEGAL line 253
Followed in next line "Unknown command (end) in line 254
7. where did these line numbers come from?
8. at the point where the include occurs is line 13 and
9. the included file has 63 lines
10. any ideas???

Thanks, kelly

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