[EpiData-list] Epidata: "Error reading record"

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Wed Apr 13 04:23:31 CDT 2005

Hello everybody,

I sometimes get an error message "Error reading record"
when I open an Epidata *.rec file. Sometimes it happens by
opening the whole file (I can't open it), sometimes only,
when I try to access the last entered record. When I export
a data file with this error message (i.e. to SPSS), all
records are exported correctly, nothing is lost (as far as
I can see).

I believe, that this error only happens with data files
that I received as email-attachments. Is it possible, that
sending *.rec-files by email "destroys" something in the
file structure? Any suggestions how to avoid this problem?

Thanks for help

Juergen Spiegel

Freiburger Institut fuer angewandte Sozialwissenschaft e.V.
Erasmusstr. 16, D-79098 Freiburg
Telefon: (0761) 28 83 64  Fax: (0761) 29 27 493
Web: 	www.fifas.de 
e-mail:	info at fifas.de

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