[EpiData-list] Epidata: "Error reading record"

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Hi Juergen,

I have experienced this a couple of times myself.

I found that .rec data files recieved from certain persons seemed to be
corrupted, because the email account they where sent from broke files
longer than a certain number of characters into multiple lines. I have
experienced this behaiour only with emails sent from hotmail accounts.

Sollution: Convert the ascii file (.rec) into a binary file, e.g. by
zipping it. This prevents the email client from trying to include the text
file in the message body (and thereby breaking lines).

Kind regards,

Jesper Kjær Hansen
Student Assistant
Department of Statistics
University of Southern Denmark 

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> Hello everybody,
> I sometimes get an error message "Error reading record"
> when I open an Epidata *.rec file. Sometimes it happens by
> opening the whole file (I can't open it), sometimes only,
> when I try to access the last entered record. When I export
> a data file with this error message (i.e. to SPSS), all
> records are exported correctly, nothing is lost (as far as
> I can see).
> I believe, that this error only happens with data files
> that I received as email-attachments. Is it possible, that
> sending *.rec-files by email "destroys" something in the
> file structure? Any suggestions how to avoid this problem?
> Thanks for help
> Juergen Spiegel
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