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Mon May 2 21:03:31 CDT 2005

Once you've made the change to your qes file and saved it, go to the Tools 
menu and click on "Revise Data File".  This will incorporate the change 
without deleting the data you've already entered.


At 08:32 AM 2/05/2005 +0300, you wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>As I was using EpiData, I was impressed because it is simple to understand 
>and even train someone on how to use it. However, I was challenged on how 
>to revise a questionnanire and effect the revision into the record 
>file.  If you know how to do it, just direct me.
>I will be happy for your quick response.
>Lwanga B. Charles
>Department of Population Studies,
>Institute of Statistics and Applied Econ.,
>Makerere University, Box 7062 Kampala,
>Tel: 256-77-575745
>Alternative email: chlwanga at hotmail.com
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Suzanna Vidmar
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