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The 3 variables (Day, Month and Year) have to be string (or at least, it works that way!)
Assuming following variable names : Date: DATE, Day: DAY, Month: MONTH, Year: YEAR)

In the After entry block of the date variable, place the lines below:
DAY = day(DATE)
MONTH = month(DATE) 
YEAR = year(DATE)

Day, month and year are functions which automatically extract the corresponding values.

Note: besste to create string variables, so days / months < 10 will stay the way thay have been entered, (03 will wtay 03 and not 3).

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Hi all!
I am trying to create three variables: Day, Month and Year that would read automatically their values from Date variable (<dd/mm/yyyy>) but unfortunately can't get well how to do it, Any tips please?

Thank You in advance!
Best regards!

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