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Thu Jun 2 14:16:41 CDT 2005

The EpiData-list has been set up with two topics today:
Data Entry

A topic is a way to selectively receive only part of the mails from the
discussion list.

By default ALL mails are sent to all users.
Even annoying ones, such as when I forgot to turn off an "out of office"
message to the list last week (excuses) and all users received a message
in Danish.

How does topics work ?

If a user is signed up to only "analysis", then only mails which contain
the word "analysis" in the subject line or the first 15 lines of text in
the body of the message will be sent to that user.

If you wish to receive all mail: You do not have to do anything.

If you wish to select only mails for one or the other topic:
Go to this page in your browser

and edit your user profile. Further information is given on that page.

For all users it is always good practice to choose wording of the subject
such that other users can see what this mail is about. This is
particularly true when topics are in effect.

Regarding release of analysis I can inform you that we are progressing,
but some errors in the basic handling of selecting data has postponed the
release. The problem is related to a valid way of separating float values,
such as e.g. 3.1 from 3.100000000001  and 3.097865491

Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator and initiator of EpiData Project

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