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Wed Jun 8 12:23:04 CDT 2005

But "selecting string variables" with Epiinfo is more
easier and faster.For selecting with it I don't need
to notice to upper or lower cases.
I have shch a problem with SPSS.And it takes time to
select and then receive a message indicating "nothing
has been selected"?
Why it must be so?
Thanks Reza

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> 16:59:11 >>>
> Why is this necessary?  I see "LION",  upper case
> and delineated with "
> ". Thanks, Kelly
> Because assigning this :
> if recnumber = 2 then animal = "LION"
> to a stringvariable of length 10 gets the value:
> "LION      "
> not the value
> "LION"
> Computers are stupid and the designer makes the
> choices. My choice is that 
> "LION      " is different than "LION"
> Someone would argue that we should always use the
> trimmed value of string variables, such that  "LION 
>     " is the same as "LION"
> but this would give the user a problem if he/she
> wanted to compare the full length string.
> The strategy of EpiData for as well data entry as
> the coming release of analysis is that we make as
> few decisions as possible and let the end user
> decide. 
> This is in contrast to other software developers who
> often impose new and changed strategies and changed
> ways of doing things on the users (Who is then
> forced to keep upgrading and learning new ways of
> doing what they could do with the old principle). 
> EpiData tries NOT to invent new ways of doing
> things, but stick to the well founded principles of
> Epi6 (with appropriate extensions for those who wish
> to use the new principles of further documentation).
> Regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> Initiator of EpiData
> Coordinator EpiData Association
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