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To see value labels you need not (only) the question file (.qes) but the 
records validation file, as well. One possibility for the different 
results you obtain is that the validation file (.chk) is not always in 
the directory EpiData expects it to be - EpiData lets you enter data, 
create a codebook etc. even if no validation file exists (or if the 
validation file is in a different directory as the records file .rec). 
In that case, however, no value labels can be applied.


Cahterine Mathews (epidata-list-request at lists.umanitoba.ca) wrote:
> Hi
> We're using version 3.1, downloaded from the Epi Data site. This is the
> first time we've used Epi Data.  We are in the process of entering data
> into it.  Initally, when we created a codebook from the QES file, the
> codebook displayed the values together with the value labels.  But in
> subsequent attempts to create a codebook from the same QES file, we have
> found that the codebook won't show the value labels we entered into the
> QES file.  Sometimes it won't even show the values.  Do you have any
> ideas about this?

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