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Thu Aug 25 09:10:56 CDT 2005

Analysis build 36 was just released for testing.
at http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Unless users report severe problems, the current build will be released
as version 1.0 with some restrictions or removal of commands with
problems, see below.

Version 0.9 release 5 build 36

* Added or modified
     o A "select font" on first startup to guide the user for efficient
setup of screen
     o Improved documentation of output formation
     o Table command can show categories defined as missing
     o New option controls if more than one instance of the programme 
can run
     o Aspects of handling missing value further implemented.
     o Parsing of strings changed to exclude trailing blanks: e.g "Lion "
is the same as "Lion", but not the same as " Lion".
     o sorting of tables corrected
     o Tests of homegenity (interaction) in summary stratified 2x2 tables
removed until final stable solution is found
     * Bugs fixed:
       o "Pointer error" in tables, graphs or describe fixed
       o Error in table estimates for 2x2 tables
       o Recnumber now returns number within current select
       o set listrec was not working

Remaining known major issues to settle before v1.0
        * Tables must be included in txt formatted log files

Known major issues not settled or clarified
        * Relating files not tested fully
        * Appending in combination with records marked for deletion
        * Odds Ratios and RR in tables with Rare data (0 in cells)
        * Tests of homegenity (interaction) in summary stratified 2x2
tables           	removed until final stable solution is found

Known issues not fixed (put on future list)
        * Correlate command results in "floating point error" when correlate
	 cannot be calculated
        * Contents of strings should be converted to UPPER in logical
	statements to work. e.g. count if upper(v) = "TEST"
        * Setting format (set number format) is not consistent

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen

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