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Fri Aug 26 14:03:06 CDT 2005

 > [EpiData-list] verification question
 >>> [1] I would like to MATCH RECORDS by more than ONE FIELD when
 >>> preparing double entry verification - is this possible ?
 >>> [2]  Once a file is verified, does the corrected data reside in the
 >>> *.REC or the *_dbl.REC file ?

EpiData has two principles of validation:
A. Compare two separate files entered independently.
B. Compare at field level while entering data.

Preparation of the two are both at the tool menu.
A. Copy structure (of existing rec + chk file)
B. Prepare Double Entry Verification

Actual validation:
A. Is done after all data have been entered. In the document menu you 
can "Validate Duplicate Files". When you specify the two files up to 
three fields can be used to match the two files.
B. Is done while entering data the second time. You can only match on 
one field. The corrected data resides in the ..._dbl.rec file, which is 
the one you are adding data to.

After point B you can run the two files with option A and get a record 
of how much was corrected while entering data the second time in 
..._dbl.rec file.

If you want to create a unique match while entering data on more than 
one field a typical way of doing so would be to create a key field like 

To do so, e.g. your matching fields are v1 v2 v3 in the check file:

  after entry
  keyfield = string(v1)+" "+string(v2)+" "+string(v3)

  key unique

I am not sure how double entry would handle this, but make a test and 
see how it works.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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