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Thank you and this is good to know.  a coupe of questions, please.
1. this suggest the limit to the number of files to be appeneded is realted to machine memory?
2. this is the solution to the "lack" of ability to dynamically read multiple files?
Would those of you who have used these techniques please let me know what size of the
files you have been working with and, any other options you have used.
Thank you very much, Kelly

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	Dear Eleni:
	There are two ways to append - one is within EpiData, the other highly
	efficient within EpiData Analysis.  If you append (not merge) files with
	the same same structure, try this in EpiData Analysis, ver 0.9 build 38:
	* ----Program begins next line
	* switch to the folder where your REC files are located
	cd c:\temp1
	erase "abcd.rec"
	read "a.rec"
	append "b.rec"
	append "c.rec"
	append "d.rec"
	savedata "abcd.rec"
	* Do some tabulation to check
	read "abcd.rec"
	tables sex res1
	* --- Program has ended previous line
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