[EpiData-list] new page every table for printing

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Mon Sep 12 13:58:56 CDT 2005

 >I am trying to print off a number of tables that I have generated.
 >Preferably one per page and have not been able to accomplish this.

Apart from the suggestion by GIlles Delmas you should look at style 
sheets with EpiData Analysis.

See "page-break-before" in the definitions:

And experiment a bit. Let us all know how you manage. We can then put 
the style sheet code for general usage in analysis as a "how to ...."


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

ps. Regarding the append question. Just try to see how many records are 
possible. I tried one append ending with 1 million records (10^6) with 
no problems.

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