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After some troubleshooting, I found that this problem only occurs if the
last variable of the instrument has range checking defined.  When I
removed any references to the last variable in the check file, the
records advanced properly in double entry mode.  However, this was at
the expense of removing the error checking mechanism from a question.
Does anyone know of a workaround that would allow me to preserve error
checking on the last variable without encountering this problem (short
of changing the order the questions, which would confuse data
enterers)...perhaps a way to hard code a record advance into the check

- David

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Subject: [EpiData-list] Records not advancing in verification mode

I've been experiencing some strange behavior with the new double entry
feature in EpiData 3.1.

Here's what's happening:

After reaching the last field of a record in the double entry record
file and clicking "yes" to save, the cursor immediately jumps to the
first field of the record that was just entered and highlights
it....instead of advancing.  In order to verify additional records, I
need to manually advance to a clean record using either ctrl-N or the F8
shortcut key.  This happens consistently (100% of the time), on my WinXP

Appreciate any help, perhaps a change in settings or checkfile that
would bypass this problem?

- Thanks,


David Huh
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University of Texas at Austin

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