[EpiData-list] Double Entry problem with range control in last field/variable on form

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Sat Oct 1 05:22:18 CDT 2005

With the very precise description: "Does anyone know of a workaround that would allow me to preserve error checking on the last variable without encountering this problem (short of changing the order the questions, which would confuse data enterers)...perhaps a way to hard code a record advance into the check file?  "

With such a precise formulation it is possible to remove the error - not by workaround.

In other words - the discussion on the list is very important to outline problems and find where the exact cause of a problem is. When a precise reproducible description can be made - this points to a specific part of the programme which can then be fixed. 

The fix will be part of next release of epidata entry. 


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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